Dr Terri Roberton

DPsych (Clinical, Forensic), BA(Hons) Psych, MAPS

Terri second attempt-2

I am a registered psychologist with both clinical and forensic endorsement. I have worked as a psychologist for ten years in Western Australia and Victoria.

As a clinical psychologist, I have expertise in working with mental health disorders and other psychological problems. I am qualified to deliver a range of therapies with demonstrated effectiveness in treating mental health disorders.

As a forensic psychologist, I have an understanding of the factors that contribute to offending and am experienced in working within the criminal justice system.

I enjoy working with a wide range of people. I aim to bring warmth and understanding to my sessions, along with a dose of humour. I believe that one of the most important things I can do as a psychologist is help people become aware of and express their painful thoughts and feelings in a safe environment, as this in itself brings relief and comfort.

I also believe that pets are an excellent form of therapy!


I have published peer-reviewed research in a number of areas. In particular, I am interested in the influence of emotional suppression on aggressive behaviour.

Roberton, T. & Daffern, M. (2020) Improving the assessment of risk for imminent aggression in older adults in residential facilities. Aggression & Violent Behaviour. 51: 101364.

Roberton, T., Daffern, M. & Bucks, R. S. (2014). Beyond anger control: Difficulty attending to emotions also predicts aggression in offenders. Psychology of Violence. 5: 74-83

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Roberton, T., Daffern, M. & Bucks, R. S. (2012). Oral administration of the Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale. Australian Journal of Psychology. 65(3): 172-179.

Roberton, T., Daffern, M., Thomas, S. & Martin, T. (2012). De-escalation and limit-setting in forensic mental health units. Journal of Forensic Nursing. 8: 94-101

Roberton, T., Bucks, R. S., Skinner, T. C., Allison, G. T., Dunlop, S. A. (2011). Barriers to physical activity in individuals with spinal cord injury: A Western Australian study. Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling. 17(2): 74

Skinner, T.C., Roberton, T., Allison, G. T., Dunlop, S. & Bucks, R. S. (2010). Experiential Avoidance, Mindfulness and Depression in Spinal Cord Injuries: A Preliminary Study. Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling. 16: 27-35

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